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Sakinah is a Writer at Portal Publishing where she writes for Careers Portal and News Portal, and is passionate about the work she does. With a passion for writing developed at a young age, she is always creating some form of written content at all points in time.

With only recently having completed her BA Degree at the University of the Western Cape, majoring in Psychology, English and Philosophy, she is at the beginning a career as a successful wordsmith and wiping away any ideas of a writer not being able to be successful. 

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Government might make it that some South Africans won't have to pay their TV licences anymore.
social media
Facebook has been accused of spying on Instagram users through their phone cameras and has allegedly been sued for it. Facebook has responded to these claims and has also made some changes.
Many residents in Cape Town have noticed their water bills reflecting high totals. This has then lead to claims being laid against the City of hiking water tariffs. The City has since responded.
US President, Donald Trump, has made yet another bold statement and said that a coronavirus vaccine could be ready in a month. He also said that the pandemic could go away by itself.
The President engaged with the country in his regular address on Covid-19. The DA has now responded calling for Government to end all restrictions entirely and immediately.
Pakistan's Prime Minister, Imran Khan, is calling for chemical castration of those individuals who are convicted of rape. He has also said that they should experience a public execution by hanging for their crimes.
human trafficking
Child trafficking is still a serious problem in South Africa and with children being online more, there is more opportunity for grooming to take place. There is some good advice that parents should be telling their children in case they are ever in danger.
Cape Town is set to host the Miss South Africa pageant this year. This will be the province's first time hosting the competition which sees ambassadors for our country being born in the form of ambitious and empowered women.
South Africa's champion, Caster Semenya, has had an appeal on the restrictions on testosterone levels in female athletes denied. The battle between Semenya and court officials concerning her body has been ongoing.
human trafficking
South African Police has responded to the claims that a building in Pretoria is used for human trafficking as it went viral on social media.