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Sakinah is a Writer at Portal Publishing where she writes for Careers Portal and News Portal, and is passionate about the work she does. With a passion for writing developed at a young age, she is always creating some form of written content at all points in time.

With only recently having completed her BA Degree at the University of the Western Cape, majoring in Psychology, English and Philosophy, she is at the beginning a career as a successful wordsmith and wiping away any ideas of a writer not being able to be successful. 

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Following the backlash Clicks suffered from after an advert on their website was labelled as offensive and racist, Clicks is now working to clean up the mess they've made.
Entertainers are now protesting to demand that government allows bigger venue capacities and more gigs under Lockdown Level 2. Artists all over South Africa have started #VulaPresident as they say they have been suffering because of the regulations on events.
Clicks has been accused of racism and offending black South African women after the spotlight was put on an advert labelled as 'discriminatory' on their website.