Ellen DeGeneres Announces Final Goodbye to Ellen Show

After 18 seasons of the television affiliate, Ellen DeGeneres brings into play her motto of 'being kind and just dancing' in her talk show as she finally caves in to her instincts of ending the show.


Talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres announced the end of her show in 2022 after what will ultimately be 19 years on air. 

Speaking to a Hollywood Reporter, DeGeneres attributed her choice to end the show to her desire for “something new to challenge me”. 

Her show has won more than 60 Daytime Emmy awards, the most recent was when it was named outstanding entertainment talk show in 2020.

The Ellen Show regularly attracts A-list Hollywood guests and clips from the show often attracted millions of views on YouTube. 

The decision to soon sign out from the show comes just months after the show faced accusations that it was a toxic place to work in, and It led to three senior producers losing their jobs and DeGeneres opening the current season with an on-air apology.  

“I was going to stop hosting the show after Season 16. That was going to be my last season and they wanted to sign for four more years and I said I’d sign for maybe one,” DeGeneres said. “So, we settled on three more years and I knew that would be my last. That’s been the plan all along.

She assured viewers this isn't the last they'll see of her. "Eighteen years ago on the very first show, I said this was going to be a relationship. And we are going to continue that relationship, even when this show ends. But not in this house, because you know I love to move," she continued. "I promise you that we are going to have a fantastic final season."

DeGeneres, 63, said she "meditated" on the decision to end her show, including having discussions with her wife, Portia De Rossi.

I talked to Portia. I talked to myself. A few times, I was talking to myself and Portia thought I was talking to her. One time I was talking to Portia, but she thought I was talking to myself because of the other times when I was talking to myself, and she thought I was talking to her," she joked. "One time, I was talking to Alexa and Siri answered, and then another time I was talking to the TV, and I accidentally texted my eye doctor. The point is, I need to take a break from talking."

Ellen's immediate future plans include focusing on her work environment. Under the Ellen fund, founded in 2018 by Portia de Rossi as a gift to Ellen , she will be opening a 12-acre science and education campus for the Dian Fossey Gorilla fund in Rwanda.

Ellen also has several other other shows still airing on various channels, including the Masked Dancer on Fox, Ellen's Game of Games on NBC and Ellen's Next Great Designer on HBO Max. She is also producing documentaries for Discovery.


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