Kidnapped Moti Brothers Found After 21 Days of Gruelling Search

When the shocking news of the four Moti brothers became public knowledge three weeks ago, South Africa came to a standstill. After a long search by the police without success, new developments have come to light.


Anti-crime Activist Yusuf Abramjee confirmed that the four kinapped Moti brothers Zia, Alaan, Zayyad and little Zidan have been re-united with their family. 

The four brothers are said to have been dropped by an unidentified vehicle near a house in Vuwani, Limpopo on Wednesday night. 

Police received a call from a local resident last night telling them to fetch the kids, the police spokesperson, Vish Naidoo said. 

The spokesperson said investigators were closing in on the kidnappers which might have caused panic and the eventual release of the kids. 

Yusuf reported that the children are in good health and they received medical examination shortly after their release.

 A group of heavily armed men with rifles and handguns cornered their vehicle and forcefully kinapped them while on their way to Curro Heuwelkruin School in Polokwane three weeks ago, the Anti-crime Activist said. 

The children also said to be in high spirits during the reunion with their parents, and Abramjee confirmed police haven't yet interviewed the children as they are given the space and time to deal with the trauma.

The family expressed its gratitude to SAPS, the public, the media and all who prayed for the safety of the boys. 

Abramjee says its still early to establish what led to the kidnapping as no arrests have been made. He added that the motive behind kidnapping is generally ransom ranging from R10 000 to R40 million. 

The Anti-crime Activist however said it hasn't yet been established as the case with the Moti brothers. The brothers were not rescued but released, Abramjee said. 

Police needs to strengthen their crime investigating team with more experience and skilled personel, he added. 

He said the kidnapping is a worrying trend, and encouraged the public to make use of the technology devices available to report such crimes. 

Vish Naidoo concluded that the family will be interviwed in due course and details of whether there was ransom involved leading to the release of the kids is part of the investigation. 

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