Reports Reveal That Majority of Groote Schuur Covid-19 Patients Are Not Vaccinated

The Groote Schuur hospital has recently released a report which highlighted that a significant number of its Covid-19 patients are unvaccinated. Reports said about 156 were hospitalised and 153 of those patients were not vaccinated. 


The Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town, has released an information on the vaccination of its Covid-19 patients.

The report has revealed that the majority of the Covid-19 patients at the hospital are not vaccinated. The Western Cape Health Department is reported be preparing a similar data for the rest of the province. The Groote Schuur Head of Infectious disease, Marc Mendelson, also confirmed the shocking reports. 

We are seeing that predominantly unvaccinated people are those who get more severe Covid-19 than those that are vaccinated. People that we are seeing in hospitals are largely unvaccinated. 

Mendelson however said there is no vaccine that is 100% and that there will be people who are vaccinated that will get severe disease or die. As we move to a larger population of South Africans that are vaccinated, that will decrease slightly, he said. 

The Groote Schuur Head of Infectious Diseases confirmed that the intensive care unit (ICU) patients are not vaccinated. Some of the patients that are not vaccinated in ICU are in critical conditions and their age group is not yet legalised for vaccination.

Mendelson also agreed that there are patients within the legal age group to get vaccinated that are filled with regrets for not being vaccinated. Its important that more people get vaccinated because prevention is better than cure, he added. 

The reports released confirmed that the 66 patients in ICU were not vaccinated and that 32 of those patients were in ventilations. The impact of the vaccination programme has not materialised as more people are still being admitted in ICU, said Dr Mendelson. 

Western Cape Dash Board has also shown a significant increase in Covid-19 infections, over 500 000 confirmed cases in the province to date.

In the last 24 hours, about 1 563 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed, with 18 889 deaths so far.  

Dr Mendelson said the numbers shows that the province might not be able to stop the impact of the fourth-wave. 


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